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Creating Inclusivity, Empowering Generations.

Regular activities:

1. Digital Literacy Workshops: We conduct regular workshops to enhance young people’s digital literacy, providing them with essential skills to navigate the digital landscape responsibly.
2. Digital Awareness Campaigns: Through interactive campaigns, we raise awareness about the potential consequences of excessive digital engagement and encourage young individuals to adopt a mindful approach to their online activities.
3. Digital Well-being Training Programs: Our training programs equip young people with effective strategies to manage digital addiction and promote a healthy balance between online and offline life.
4. Online Safety Seminars: We organize seminars focusing on cybersecurity, online privacy, and safe practices to ensure young people’s well-being in the digital sphere.
5. Skill Development Initiatives: We offer skill development opportunities, including workshops on media literacy, critical thinking, and responsible social media use, enabling young people to make informed decisions in the digital age.
6. Interdisciplinary Dialogues: We host interdisciplinary dialogues involving experts, young people, and stakeholders to explore the causes and effects of digital addiction and develop collaborative solutions.
7. Digital Creativity Projects: Our association fosters creativity and innovation among young people, encouraging them to engage in digital art, multimedia, and other artistic expressions.
8. Youth Advocacy and Engagement: We actively involve young people in decision-making processes, leadership roles, and project implementation, fostering their empowerment and active citizenship.

As a youth organization based in Nis, Serbia, EU4ALL Association is committed to empowering and supporting young people, with a particular focus on those facing social and economic challenges, including youth with disabilities. In line with our vision of creating an inclusive society, we are excited to embark on an Erasmus project that aims to enable young people to use the opportunities offered by the digital world in a more conscious and balanced way.

EU4ALL Association is a youth organization based in Nis, Serbia. Our field of work focuses on empowering and supporting young people, particularly those with disabilities, by providing them with opportunities for personal and professional development. Our target group includes all young people up to the age of 30, with a special emphasis on those facing social and economic challenges, including youth with disabilities.
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